The staff at Peterson Hospice sincerely appreciates the generosity of our community. Your donations enable us to help others in our community through The Blessing Fund. We would like to publicly recognize our 2015 Tree of Lights donors:

2015 Tree of Lights Donors:

Debby Adair

Renee Adams

Cassie Alex

Ms. Lee Ann Allen

Alpine Terrace

Cheryl Andrews

Sue and Sonny Baldwin

Judy and Mike Baumann

Jennifer Behrens

Joseph and Verna Benham

Colleen Bernhardt

Kent and Beverly Bond

Lynne Bond

Toni Box

Pam Bresler

Dorothy Brown

Donna J. Burke

Rodney J. Camp

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cannon

Mike and Janelle Carothers

Dr. James A. Carpenter

Rebecca Chacon

Dr. Valerian Chyle,

Kerrville Cancer Center

Charles N. and Noel Clark

Mike Cook,

Hill Country Medical Equipment

Donald and Judith Coombs

Neil and Grace Crites

Ginger Cullins

Clyde W. Day

Neill Day

Mary Margaret Doyen

Natalie Dunlap

Edgewater Care Center

Susan J. Eklund

Marsha Elmore

Jim Evans

Sarah Freymann Fontenot

Denny Foster,

Lemon Tree Cleaners

Barbara C. Fudge

Billie R. Gilbert

William S. Givens

Dennis and Marie Glenewinkel

N.G. Painting

Diane Green,

Kerr County Abstract and Title

Loren and Margaret Greenshield

Geraldine Griffin

Dr. Juan Guerrero

William and Lou Ann Hahn

Lori and Paul Hallberg

Suzanne B. Hartman

Kim Hawkins

Scott and Jan Hedrick

Hilltop Village Nursing and Rehabilitation

Cathy M. Horgan

Kay B. Hudler

R.W. and Florence Hutcherson

Orlandus Jackson

Mary Jordan

Irene and Susan Kaiser

Sharon Keith

Suzanne Kelsey

Wanda Kemp-Maxson

Launa Kendrick

Ruthie D. Kendrick

F. Dwight Lacy

Rev. Donna Magee

Patricia Malin

Neill T. Masterson III

H.T. and Lana Matula

H.D. Maxwell

Kathleen Maxwell-Rambie

Cynthia McBryde

Betty McCoy

Eunice McCoy

Alys D. McGlohan

Mr. and Mrs. Hank Moody

Alan Morris

Carol Murdock

Pat and Liz Murray

Thomas and Karen Myers

Paula Patton

Olive S. Penry

Jessica Diane Perez

Peterson RMC Hospital Auxilary

Hans Reuther

Rhonda Richter

David and Jean Rittenhouse

Becca Robertson

Veronique Rochefer

Martin Rode

Bobby Lee Sabins

Dugan Sabins

Shirley and Bob Schmerbeck

Myrtle Scott

Marion Sheppard

Arlene G. Skokna

Blake and Cheryl Smith

Eugene C. Smith

Jo Carol and D. J. Smith

Michael F. Smith and Virginia A. de Wolf

David and Barbara Staggs

Jack and Sue Steele

Dr. Tim and Mary Ellen Summerlin

Peggy Ann Teltschik

Frank Thoensen

Jack D. Uecker

Kristy Vandenberg

Carryl Vasquez

Carmella Villa

Paul and Susan Weathersby

Tina Woods

Walter and Jerri Workman

Drs. James and Odemaris Young

Marilyn G. Zieve

Mary Ann Zimmerhanzel


Special thanks for your dedicated service and in-kind donations:

John Wheat, Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist

Larry Danks, Worship Leader, Trinity Baptist

Peterson RMC Marketing, Facilities, Development and IT Departments

Sam Ligon-Keyboards


Tom Jones and Brittany Moss-Special Music

Hilltop Village for Tree of Lights Reception


Sincere appreciation to our Steering Committee
for the 2015 Tree of Lights

Sonny and Sue Baldwin

Harvey Brinkman

Diane Green

Margaret Greenshield

Lori and Paul Hallberg

Debbie Mitchell

Carol Murdock

Liz Murray

Jane Ragsdale

Tina Woods


In Memory:

Ron Adams

Marilyn Alcorn

Frank Andrews

Melissa Ann Arreola

Naomi Barker

Ronald Ray Beecher

William and Ruth Beyers

June W. Bond

Marianne Bowers

Doug Bresler

Warren and Betty Bressler

Kitty Bridges

Fran Burke

Martha “Pete” Camp

Fred P. and Pauline Cannon

Dolores Chacon

Wade S. Cole

Royce G. Cook Sr.

Coombs-Swan families

Guy Cullins

Sherry Cunningham

Rachael Day

Kate Dishman

Fred and Lucia Doering

Glen W. Doyen

Gloria Anne Dozier

William L. Dunlap

Jane Eklund

Dale Elmore

Barbara Anne Evans

First United Methodist Members served by hospice

Joe J. Garcia

Robert Gilbert

Sharon, John, and Martha Givens

Chuck Hawkins

Martha Hinds

Jim Horgan

Laura Istre

Ed and Fran Ivey

James T Jackson

Julia Jackson

Landon and Mary Belle Jones

Charles “Chink” Jordan

Steven Kaiser

Harry Kaiser

Kari and Charlie Keller

James R Kelsey

Ben Kendrick

William G. Kendrick

Roger and Mollie King

Jeffrey Krueger

Bethel Lacy

W. E. “Bill” Laing

Bella B. Levy

Patsy Likin

John Lind

Erwin and Mabel Lubberstedt

Dan Maxson

Joe Maxwell

R. Clay McBryde

James Gilbert McCoy

Joe and Rosemary Miller

George C. Morris

Bob and Eleanor Murray

David Murray

Elisabeth Myers

Steve Norton

Johnnie (John) G. Penry Sr.

Howard Platte

Sally Ragan

Joan Reuther

Ida Rode

Jeffrey Lee Sabins

Harry and Happy Schwethelm

Sterling and Ethel Scott

Judy Sengel

Lois Senter

Francis W. Sheppard

Gladys Simmonds

Doug Skokna

Charlotte and Wally Smith

Frank Smith

Inky Smith

Joy Lynn Smith

Madeline Spenrath

Wanda “Sunshine” Spivey

Frank Stewart

Tim Stewart

Randy Lynn Teltschik

Ruth Thoensen

Those who have gone before us!

Tye Toler

Elfrieda Madeline Uecker

Jausi Villa

Norma Jean Walker

Harold Walsleben

Erline Ward

L.L. and Hattie Williams                            

Sasha Williams

Klen Wimberley

John and Bette Woods

Mary Belle and Richard Woods

Bob Zieve


In Honor:

Cassie Alex

Naomi Barker

Earl and Ruth Herrington

Mami Mainn

Verna McCarrick

Carol Murdock

Peterson Pathways and Hospice patients I serve

Peterson RMC Hospital Auxilary

Sharon Roberts